Monday, July 29, 2013

An Empty Class

"Don't know how you're going to be able to handle his classes."

The secretary was joking as she handed over the roll sheets. Mr. L's classes had two students enrolled in each period.

Yes, this is a new subbing story. In July. That's because the continuation high school is on a year-round schedule. And Mr. L needed the day.

In first and second periods, I had a full house (that's what I call it when I have no absences). Then in period four, I had no one show up...for 30 minutes. Turned out that the only student who had been showing up to class was testing (CAHSEE).

The last period of the day had two students enrolled, and no one showed up.

Normally, two absences is no big deal. It's a good average. But when the class only contains those two students...

What to do? Do I hang out? I am contracted through the end of the school day. Or do I try to go home early?

(I stayed. I couldn't go home anyway as we were having a scheduled power outage.)


  1. A scheduled power outage huh? We don't have those here. What do you do when you're home and it happens? Is it an opportunity or a problem?

  2. I've not heard of scheduled power outage, either. Is it like an emergency drill where they test to see if everyone knows the right protocol?

    VR Barkowski

  3. You read a good book, eh? ;) At least, that's why I'd do.

  4. I'd always carry a book or iPad with me in those cases!

  5. School in summer, lame. But not as lame as a scheduled power outage. No air conditioning! Ah!

    Hope you weren't too bored. At least the class didn't give much trouble ;)


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