Saturday, March 29, 2008

Slim Pickings

With most of my TV shows on strike induced hiatus, I find my weekends rather empty.

It's the stupid DVR. It used to be that I'd watch what I could at night, and what I missed I missed. Then I got a DVR. I no longer had to choose between shows. I could record two at the same time. By the end of the week I'd have a surplus of shows to watch. And I'd spend my weekends catching up, usually watching a few hours of the week's prime time offerings.

Now, most nights I go to bed early, and everything that needs to be watched is watched and deleted way before Saturday. So, now I'm back to trolling for something to watch on the weekends. And there's nothing on. I used to find stuff to watch. I think I used to find stuff to watch.

Well, I did find something. Last Saturday and this Saturday I stumbled across a very interesting show: Download: The True Story of the Internet. It appears to be a four-parter (I've only seen parts 3 & 4), and I found it fascinating. The link will give the basic overview (just click on "about the show"), so I don't have to load this down with details.

I like shows like this. And I would have missed it entirely (probably) had it not been for my strike induced boredom.

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