Friday, March 21, 2008

Positive Feedback

Today I covered two periods of 7th grade pre-algebra. Many of the students recognized me. "You covered my science class." Yep, I did.

I heard this a few times in first period, so when it was repeated in second period, I nodded knowingly. Then one boy told me this:

"You gave us a good note. Ms. M. rewarded us for it. She gave us a movie day."

I tried to explain to the boy that I did not "give" the class anything (good notes are earned), but he had moved on by then. No matter. This math class then earned a good note for themselves.

So, the science class got rewarded for being a good class. That's good to know. And now those kids know that they can get good notes from me and that they may be rewarded for their good behavior. This makes my job that much easier.

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