Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Five Stars

I rate all my classes. I have a scale. Five is the best. One is awful.

I came up with a system in an attempt to save time writing notes to the teacher. It actually worked. Unless I have a horrible class, I can give a good overview of a class's behavior in just a sentence and three scores (I also rank the classes from best to worst and note if the students were cooperative or not). And the teachers who I've talked to about it seem to like it.

Today I had 7th grade science. And the classes were pretty good (I gave out a lot of fours).

In 4th period I passed out the assignment, and then an interesting thing happened. I did not ask for silence (it was a worksheet; a little talking was to be expected), but the class quieted itself down anyway. The three or four students who kept talking were shushed by their peers. And they complied.

It was weird. If I don't insist on silence, I don't get it. But today...

So, I gave them a five. They didn't technically earn it (as they weren't silent for the whole period), but the fact that they put in the effort really impressed me.


  1. I only sub Elementary school. If I move up to middle or high school, I'll have to borrow a format like yours. One subject for multiple classes.

    If you're willing to share, I'll trade ya?

  2. I've seen your report, and it's nice. I'll have to figure out a way to post mine.


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