Thursday, September 19, 2019

Computer Issues

"Their assignment is in Google Classroom..."

These words in a lesson plan make me nervous. About half the time, the kiddos log in, find the assignment, and everything goes smoothly. Alas, this day fell into the other half of the time.

Middle school woodshop. Yes, woodshop. A good 1/3rd of the class already knew me from the vacant English class.

They logged in. The assignment was supposed to be from chapter three according to the lesson plan. Only chapter two appeared in Google Classroom.

Because, of course.

(When there's a sub in certain classes like woodshop or graphic arts--classes where kiddos use equipment that they really need supervision for--they always get "bookwork". But nowadays much of that stuff is available online.)

I did the only thing I could do. I emailed the teacher to let him know.

Towards the end of first period, the assignment appeared. Per his email to me, the assignment was in "drafts" and for some reason hadn't been posted. Oops.

Well, at least the rest of the classes would have the assignment posted.

Everything went fairly smoothly until sixth period. That's when several students got Chromebooks that were nearly dead.

Upon examination of the Chromecart (where the computers live--and charge--when not in use), I discovered the plug was halfway out of the outlet, and nothing was charging. Oops.

I plugged it in, turned "on" the cart, and charging happened. If only I had discovered this issue so that everyone had a charged enough computer...

(A fully-charged Chromebook has about eight hours of charge. Most teachers teach five hours, so there's no good reason to have dead Chromebooks sixth period. Still, I should have checked...)


  1. So funny how things have changed with lessons now on Chromebooks instead of those heavy books we all had to carry. I've been known not to have my charger plugged all the way in for my phone or tablet and then wonder why it is not fully charged.


  2. When I went to school, a single computer took up an entire room...I feel old ....

    1. When I went to school, printers were dot matrix, and teachers were hesitant to accept that in lieu of typewritten.

  3. Technology... it makes things easier, except when it's not working.

  4. Life has changed over the years. Important of all is the-plug-it-in thing.

    1. It's amazing how much is solved when things are fully charged.

  5. It was when I subbed in a high school woodshop class that I learned to pink-slip kids to the principal. Thanks to a boy sitting in front of me who said, "Oh oh, pink slip!" when a latecomer came in, saw me, then stepped back outside to yell something like "Hallelujah, a substitute!"

  6. Oops. At least it was an easy fix to recharge the Chromebooks.

  7. Yes things have change. I have to wonder if there still books in school.
    But in my day we didn't have calculators
    Coffee is on

  8. Hi Liz - it's always an extra challenge - if it works wonderful .. if not then thinking out of the box is necessary - the same here ... have a good weekend - cheers Hilary

  9. Liz,

    I guess these things happen. After awhile, computer batteries begin to loose their ability to hold a charge longer and longer, so with all that classroom use then I'm sure it won't be long before the batteries will need replacing or new Chromebooks purchased. I think it's amazing how schools have adapted technology into the classroom but at the same time I worry about the things kids are missing out by not doing things old school style. I have mixed feelings. Way to go on saving the day!

  10. Replies
    1. It makes everything so easy until it doesn't.

  11. Oh my....times have changed when it used to be just books


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