Monday, April 29, 2019

Yarn Boxes

This week, in my continuing Projects that Fell by the Wayside theme from this month, I had planned to show off a second finished walking purse. (I don't know what I was going to title this to make it fit for Y, but I figured something would come to me.)

And then I had to start the purse over. 

I'll eventually write a post all about it, so I'll save the frog and restart details for then. For today, I'm going to answer a question from last week's yarn-y post
How do you store the projects that you aren't working on? In some type of bag so they don't pick up dust or lint or whatever?
I keep them in boxes.

For example, here's that walking purse that I'm currently working on...

I keep the yarn, needles, pattern, and all the other miscellaneous stuff that a project in progress tends to collect. It's a mess and a bit bulky, but it works for me.

I have both of the scarves together...

The projects are linked. And I have a tendency to create one box for all my current projects, so sometimes it takes a while for them to get a whole box to themselves.

Things that I pick up occasionally, like the jellyfish or the unicorn...

...are more likely to have a dedicated box. (The jellyfish box is buried, so all I have a picture of for today is the unicorn gift card holder box.)

And here's a little project that I started in late 2018 and have barely touched since...

I'll explain it when I have enough done for a post about it to make sense.

(Since I finished up all my Tuesday What If? posts back in March, I am officially done with my A to Z posts. Woo-hoo!)

How do you store your projects in progress? If you're doing A to Z, did you finish all your posts early, or did you write them as we went? Can you believe how fast April went?

Today's A to Z Challenge post brought to you by the letter...


  1. That's probably a handy and simple way to store them.
    Almost May!

  2. Smart idea for organization. And I love looking at the pretty yarn colors.

  3. Do you label the boxes with what's in them?
    I keep my WIP's in knitting type bags. I have a lot of knitting or, as they are commonly called, project bags. Right now I have four projects going. I keep all four bags in a felt basket. I keep the basket by the chair I sit in when watching TV.
    I have finished the AtoZ today. I kept ahead of the scheduled days by a few days.

  4. I store mine depending on what project it is...painting of course, I leave on the easel. Woodworking - in the shed. I don't do much of anything else these days.

  5. Now that I'm doing or thinking in terms of projects, I've begun putting future ones in boxes without tops or clear containers. I'm creating commitments. That's something new for me.

  6. You have a great system of the boxes. I actually prefer them to a bag which is how I kept my projects when I was working on them. But usually I had one project at a time, not multiples like you do :)


  7. My WIPs gather dust in 3-ring binders shoved wherever I can find room for them.

    I like your yarn box idea. My mom always has some knitting project going on, but they just kind of live wherever she was last working on them. I think both she and the project would benefit from a nice protective box.

    Nice colors for the mystery 2018 project, BTW.

  8. Just now finding you via the A to Z. I have recently returned to knitting and have fallen in love all over again. As a fiber artist (canvas bags & bins) I have made specific bins for my yarn projects. Like this one. My E post was my Einstein coat, Y was for our local Yan Bomb Society. Nice to find a fellow knitter here! Congrats on making it through the challenge.
    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog

  9. I am feeling better about my K, thank you! ;-)

  10. That's a good way to keep things in organised manner.
    Regarding the posts for the A to Z Challenge, I wrote most of them on the day; five I scheduled for a future date; and three I backdated them.

    1. That's pretty good. Whatever works, right?

  11. Storing yawn in boxes looks cute, storing almost anything else not so much

    1. Oh, I'm sure you could pretty up car parts or something ;)

  12. I saw "yarn boxes" and thought - Oh! She can make a BOX? Out of yarn?? But I get it. Are they boxes that the yarn comes in? Or just any random box that you choose to put yarn into?

    Also, I popped over to see what a "walking purse" is, and I love it. I didn't live a world away, I'd want one!

    1. Um... Well... Yeah, I have knit a box before. There are better ways than I did it, but I used a form and glue to make it box shaped.

  13. My craft room is a mess but it's my mess. I have a filing cabinet and plastic rolling carts for a variety of papers, ribbons etc...You look quite organized


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