Friday, April 26, 2019


It was the Friday before spring break (two weeks ago). And it was a minimum day.

Weirdly, the best class of the day was sixth period. Usually, I have to fight with sixth period. They're done with the day, and they can't be bothered to work. But not this group.

I had had them for a week. It was one of those days (multiplied by five) where my biggest issue was finding a way to stay awake. Because there's something pretty boring about watching classes do their assignments.

By sixth period, I had finished reading blogs, reading a magazine, writing blog posts, and taking care of all my usual keep-Liz-awake activities I bring along just in case I have an easy day like this.

I was wiped.

When they arrived on Friday, I held up the handout. I asked each row if they needed it. No one did.

This did not surprise me, however. Earlier in the week, the students had come up to get the next assignment and the next. I informed them that they were getting ahead. But I have no issue with them getting ahead, especially if the teacher has left those assignments for them.

But by Friday, I let them know how far their teacher had expected them to be. And most of them were well beyond it.

So, there was a whole lot of not-work going on that day. I was fine with this.

First, they did this nothing quietly. Second, they had been working all week. And third, it was the last hour before they were technically on spring break.

I bet they were a bit wiped, too.

If you had a computer (or your smartphone) and less than an hour to kill, what would you find yourself doing? Did you do anything fun for spring break this year? 

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  1. They were way ahead - bet that's a rare occurrence.
    If I had my computer I would be playing Fallout.

  2. I can see how you would be wiped out; it was good that it was the start of spring break. That was good though that they were on task and beyond that! I'd be on Facebook or blogs if I had an hour to kill. Spring break? What is that, LOL.


  3. I like motivated kids.

    I went to Florida for spring break.

    Less than an hour? Which app tp open, nook? Facebook? Twitter? Amazon music? Maybe try to beat the computer at backgammon?

    Yeah, I love my iPad and smartphone...

  4. I'd play "Words With Friends."
    For Spring Break? I did...nothing. one.
    I think I've just depressed myself.

  5. Just go to TV Tropes. Watch your free time get sucked away.

  6. I would read on my phone, or visit blogs

  7. I would read a book on kindle. And this is the last weekend of a two week holiday here, so I've been juggling work and Barbarians at home, although we did get out bushwalking (autumn cool makes for perfect walking weather).

  8. That's an impressive bunch of kids you had, Liz. I would do an online jigsaw puzzle.

  9. I always knew I'd missed my vocation - paid to read blogs. That's perfect Liz, and for the other 85% of the time you are inspiring and empowering the youngsters of tomorrow - well on a good day!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Wren x

    1. It's nice when I get those days. Alas, not all days...

  10. If I had a computer and less than an hour to kill, I might prepare a little scavenger hunt for the class because they have been working hard and deserve a fun activity.

    1. But when would they get to do it? I had no classes after them.

  11. I forgot there's a such a thing as Spring Break. Although we did just have a guest for almost a full week. That was entertaining.
    An hour to kill? My "happy color" game. It's brainless, electronic color-by-number, and I'm addicted.

  12. I would read on my phone, or if not in a mood to read, open my podcast app and catch up on what I have missed.


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