Monday, February 11, 2019


If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen my knitting photo for this week...

Aaaaand, that's about all I got accomplished. About five rounds of the infinity scarf that I've been working on since...

*checks Ravelry*

...since June.

I pulled out my knitting. Looked at it. And didn't do a whole lot with it.

I am back in my room. There's a big hole in my ceiling that'll get patched up in the next week or so. Progress.

But my stuff is still living in the dining room until the guys come to replaster the ceiling, so I'm not wholly back in my room. It's great to sleep in my own bed. I have access to all my belongings. But I still feel a bit displaced.

That's probably why I've gotten out the ugly slippers and the walking purse but have been unable to do anything with them. They're at the sewing up stage, and all I want to do is sit and knit.

I even have new pictures of my seasonal earrings to post. I was going to get that listing ready for Etsy. I still will. It just got pushed back a bit...


  1. Hopefully they fix the hole soon so life can get back to normal.

  2. You’ll feel better when you’re back into your routine

  3. Good to read that you're back in your own bed, at least!

  4. I am with you. Being out of the zone always increases anxiety.

  5. Well, it's an infinity scarf. Obviously it'll never end.

    Hope everything gets fixed up soon.

  6. Those are cute earrings! Glad work is progressing on the repair needed; hopefully soon all be back to normal?


  7. What a relief it must be for you to finally be getting back to normal. No wonder you don't feel like doing the "have to" chores, but want to do the fun things. Fingers crossed they get to the ceiling sooner rather than later this week.

  8. Something ironic/fitting about the infinity scarf taking forever. I hope they fix the ceiling pronto.

  9. I hope they get the ceiling fixed asap. It's always annoying when life is disrupted.

  10. Hoping you'll feel better when everything is fixed. It's taking up a lot of your thinking, I suspect, so please don't stress out. Those shamrock earrings are cute.

    1. It does. But I'm settling down, which is nice.

  11. You will get that scarf the colour. At least you are finally back in your room and by the end of next week, you will not even notice the issues you had.

  12. Understandable. Will be nice once it's all back where it should be.


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