Monday, January 28, 2019


I may not be very coherent for the next week or so. But before I whine, let me show you the pretty pictures.

The gray behemoth made it to its new home...

Niece seems to like it...

(If you want to say "hi" to my niece, you can find her on Instagram here and here.)

The rest of this post is me venting. It's been... Yeah. Consider this your warning. You might want to get out now.


1:15 AM. Saturday. I don't know what it was that woke me. But as I drifted awake, contemplating if I really, really needed to use the restroom or if I should just go back to sleep, I heard dripping. Kind of like rainfall. But the sound was wrong...

I jumped out of bed and turned on the light.

From that light, which was part of a ceiling fan just over my bed, was water, dripping onto my bed.

And then the dripping sped up.

I grabbed a couple towels to help sop up the water. Not sure what to do, I looked about for a bucket of some sort. I noted the time.

As the water sped up more, becoming a stream, more water started falling from a different part of the ceiling.

By the time I got my roommate (who owns the place) involved (yes, I woke her at 1:20 AM-ish), water was also streaming from just outside my closet. Landlady called it a waterfall. I called it a deluge.

Luckily, we had access to the water shut off for the building. Unluckily, the emergency line we contacted didn't send a plumber overnight (even though they said they were).

The water stopped after about a half hour. The plumber arrived 12 hours later.

I pulled all the sheets off my bed and put them in the bathtub. That's when I discovered that my mattress pad was awesome. My bed was basically a pool by the time the water stopped, but my mattress was only wet in a small spot right where the water had been dripping.

If I had been thinking, I would have taken pictures. I wasn't thinking.

Anyway, the plumber tried to replicate the issue. Above my room is a bathroom. He ran the shower. He flushed the toilet. No water. And this was after turning the water back on, and nothing happened.

(In other words, we turned off the water to our whole building--I don't know how many units--on a Saturday morning for nothing.)

What the plumber did find was a sopping wet bathroom. Wet floor. Wet clothes. Wet towels. And a stopped up sink.

The tenant above us? Yeah, he says no leak. No issue. Nothing happened.

Uh... Really? Apparently I'm a miracle woman, then. If only I'd known when we were in full on drought a year or so back. I could have single-handedly ended it.

So, it's now Sunday night. I've commandeered my other roommate's room. (She's out of town visiting friends.) My room has a dehumidifier going. Last I checked, it's 83 F in there. This is the stopgap measure until they can get someone to remove the ceiling.

They checked with their sensors, and the ceiling is wet. It's probably in the insulation. And we don't want mold.

I'm around. But my routine has been shot to hell. Hopefully I'll make the usual rounds this week. But we'll see. I'm taking things one day at a time right now. I have a bed tonight. I'll figure out where I'm sleeping tomorrow night tomorrow.

And hopefully things will get put back together sooner rather than later.

How was your weekend?


  1. DUDE. That sounds like an unpleasant adventure. Hope things dry up quickly for you all.

  2. No leak? There had to be one! Wow, what a mess. We understand you have to focus on that now.

  3. Brutal. Ugh. Hurrah for a good mattress pad!

    Also: Imagine if it were you who had had your thick and lovely 'gray behemoth' on your own bed. I could not imagine trying to wring it out. May all be dry and back to normal soon!

    1. Yeah, the behemoth only lived on the bed for pictures. It was never in any danger. Whew.

  4. Holy cow! I'd been in panic mode with it coming out of ceiling like that. I hope everything is fixed soon.

  5. That's the worst! I'm sorry you have to go through all that.

  6. Curse water leaks, I recall a constant drip in my apartment during the eary morning and it was loud and messy. The only way for me to deal with it and go back to sleep without it destroying the place was tie a long ribbon to it and feed it into a bucket. That at least killed the noise. I was saved!

  7. (((Hugs))) Liz. What a pain for you. Why do those things always happen in the middle of the night?

    I hope you've been able to sort out a temporary sleeping spot and that the repairmen are much more punctual than the plumber!

  8. Oh boy....hopefully the issue will be found before this happens again..if it happens again. Were your clothes affected and shoes too? I hope not but I hope you don’t have the smell that can happen if the rug gets wet

    1. Hard wood floors, FTW. No, the closet only got a sprinkling. Some laundry will take care of my clothing. Alas, it appears that the issue was human error, and since the human in question is denying anything happened...

  9. Renters insurance going to cover anything for damages?
    What a pain! Go ahead and whine. It does sound like it is going to be a terrible inconvenience for a long time. Hoping it will go by quickly and order will be restored. Love the blanket though with your niece! She does look comfy in it!


  10. Hi Liz - oh I do hope things will be resolved ... that sort of 'shock' is not something one wants. Good luck with everything is all I can say ... and yes you don't want mould. Take care ... while the blanket looks amazing ... well done, your niece looks plain happy, content and warm ... cheers and with thoughts for a quick sort out - Hilary

  11. OH NO....that is horrible. Bad enough to be woke like that and have to deal with all that but then to have your own routine knocked out of whack. So sorry and hoping that they get the ceiling fixed soon. The blanket looks so warm. Could use that here in TN this morning. The temp read 22 when I got up but I missed the local news so I did not get the feels like. Like my son says, you guys pay for the weather you have but I sure wished I was there right now!!! haha

    1. That blanket is warm. And yeah, this has thrown my routine out of whack. But I'm grateful the disruption is as minor as this sort of thing can possibly be.

  12. You did a beautiful job on the blanket. ~nods~ A deluge through your ceiling? Oh, no! Big hugs to you. That's awful.

  13. That pretty blanket can match a variety of room decors.

    As for the leak, aaak! You have every right to vent about that.

    1. She requested gray, so gray she got. Thanks.

  14. Oh my gosh! You attended to the problem quite well, I think. It's good to know mattress pads work in such situations.

    The grey blanket looks comfy cozy warm on the bed and on the Niece. Something to be quite proud of, Liz.

  15. Well that's just crazy and unpleasant. Blerg. Would definitely make you all out of sorts. Hope they're able to get things put together again quickly.

  16. One winter in New England, I had an interior water pipe freeze and burst. I couldn't believe the amount of water that poured out of the ceiling. Sorry you're going through something like that. (And now I will go back and read today's post!)

    Oh—I'm glad your niece loved the behemoth! It looks amazing!


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