Friday, January 11, 2019

Don't Date High School Boys

Winter break is over, but because I'm always posting last week's stories, I've pulled this week's posts from before the break. 

It was the last day before the winter break. Sort of. The continuation high school had to attend the Friday while the rest of the schools in the district were off. (They did a weird thing with the calendar this year.) But it was my last day, as no teachers from the continuation high school were going to be out.

And, as with all of December, I was again covering an extra period.

Which was unusual. This teacher had an emergency and had to leave early. (I heard it was a chipped tooth or something similar.)

For those keeping score, this gave me my second bonus day for the month.

Anyway, the class (there were like seven present) were busy watching their phones, mostly. They had a project, but most had already checked out mentally for the break. However, the room was dead silent.

So, I could hear Warren's entire conversation. It was all about his 22-year-old girlfriend and all the *ahem* things they did together. Yes, he was talking about sex. He was in the middle of relating one escapade when he looked up.

"Yes, we are listening. You can hear a pin drop in here. We can hear you."

Nope, that wasn't me. That was Jason. Jason M. No, not music Jason. (Music Jason is Jason C.) Jason M. is more of a gamer. (Certain names are popular. As I frequently have both Jasons in class at the same time, I am quite good at remembering which Jason is which.)

Jason M. was seated right in front of me. And I was grateful he spoke up. I gave Warren a glare.

"You might want to pick another topic," was all I said.

Warren didn't. He tried talking more softly, but the room was silent. I caught the gist of it.

All I could think was, why would a 22-year-old date a high school boy? (Warren says he's 18. I'm inclined to believe him. It's likely true.) Doesn't she realize that everything they do will be discussed with his friends? In class.

Probably not. If I knew who she was, I'd give her a heads-up.

My email to their teacher was short:
Yeah, so they didn't do a whole lot. No issues other than that. Although, we heard way more about [Warren's] sex life than I care to know. (He's dating a 22 year old.)
His reply was about the same: 
Wow...ok thanks for the heads up...I will talk to them
And revenge is sweet. I did warn Warren to find a different topic. If he's okay putting his business on front street, I'm okay letting Mr. A know that's what was discussed in his absence. (If Mr. A embarrassed him, all the better.) 


  1. He loved it that every heard about his sexual exploits. He thinks he is hot stuff since he is with a 22 yr old. Does he look like he is 22? Maybe he is lying to her...duh...of course he is!If it's not his age it's something else. If she knows he is 18, she might like the younger kind but she should know better unless she doesn't care either. Well, at least kids got some incorrect sex education...hopefully the girls learned from this.

    1. Yeah, he could pass for 22. He said she knows he's in high school. And I certainly hope the girls were paying attention, but the class was mostly boys. Sigh.

  2. I'm sure that's going to be a fun convo for Warren. XD

  3. Ew, gross. No twenty two year old should be dating an eighteen year old. That's creepy.

  4. Never a dull moment in the classroom!

  5. Back in high school, I wondered why a senior gal dated a sophomore guy.

  6. I'm with Jason M. Nobody wants to hear that stuff in class.

  7. Okay, now I would be really curious to meet this young lady. She is 22 and dating someone still in high school. What in the heck is she thinking unless she wants an early start on being a possible cougar.


  8. Sometimes we are forced to hear more than what we need to know. But interesting gossip, since Warren cared little about baring it all. Good on your part to have brought that to the notice of the teacher.

  9. Wow. Conversations with the teachers you sub for seem very similar to the conversations I have with the parents of the kids I watch. How do you, as a teacher, talk to kids about that? It's not like sex is totally inappropriate to talk about in all circumstances; it's really just this particular circumstance. And I would think it was totally up to the kids whether or not they talk about it. About the most I would think a teacher could say or do is warn that it is not appropriate for the classroom? Clearly I don't know much about teaching high schoolers.

    1. That's pretty much all I'd want to do--warn them that the conversation was inappropriate for the classroom. The only reason I informed the teacher was because he didn't then stop. I was just hoping that by embarrassing him, he'd think twice about having that conversation again where I could hear.


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