Thursday, January 7, 2016

Found It

The class was advanced ELD (English Language Development). 9th graders. I had them for two periods.

During the first period, they were to read chapter six of The Outsiders and answer some questions. Almost everybody pulled out a book. All but one.

"I forgot my book."

After exhausting a couple other options, I hit upon a solution. He could do the assignment for the second hour first, then he could borrow another student's book to do the reading during the second hour. Perfect, right?

"Let me check again..."

Lo and behold, he "found" the book at the bottom of his backpack.

Freshmen. *shakes head*


  1. Must have been a pretty big backpack and a pretty small book if he couldn't find it the first time around :)


    1. Small book, yes. Average size backpack. Kiddos lose things in their backpacks all the time.

  2. Replies
    1. It was the way he said that he had forgotten it, then decided to "look again"...

  3. Hey, I've put things in my backpack and totally lost them! Although this clearly was a blatant attempt to get out of the assignment. I'm not sure why he thought it would work.

  4. in my country if you forget to bring books, the teacher will send you home to pick them up LOL No matter where you live :) And it is not even a bad approach, you know :) We don't let them play with us, they need a strict hand and to suffer the consequences in order to learn.

  5. Yeah, someone didn't want to do the assignment...

    1. Initially, I thought he had really forgotten his book. When he "found" it, then I suspected he was just trying to get out of doing work.


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