Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Game

I was not looking forward to this assignment. I had managed to avoid it the previous day, but this day I was not so lucky.

8th grade math. And the class was... not good. Not good at all.

So, when 1st period (which was going to be with me for 2nd period as well) finished the assignment, I knew I needed to do something with them so they didn't go crazy. I just happened to know of a little game that might work.

I learned that the best way to conduct the game is to let the class get into teams. Each team gets one spokesperson for their turns. And I let each team name themselves. The names...

The final tally...
Seriously, the names! Turns out that SMA means something not appropriate for school, which I now know but didn't at the time (look it up on Urban Dictionary if you're curious, but it's NSFW), but the rest of the names are just... 

In case you can't read my writing, they are: Rainbow Unicorns of Awesomeness, Sidemen, LlamaCorns, and Sneakerheads. The girls in Sneakerheads were oh so close several times to getting a point, but they missed it by thatmuch. Until they finally gave up.

In the end the game lasted too long, but at least it gave us something to do. You should never give 8th graders free time. Just a little tip from me to you.  


  1. That is so true about giving 8th graders free time; I'm sure that could be said for most grades. Interesting team names. I'm curious, what was the game?


  2. As soon as I read "8th grade math" I began having traumatic flashbacks LOL

  3. oh boy-sounds like a fun time. Math brings back horrors

  4. Ok just looked that up---OMG! I would bring soap & wash their mouth out with it. Maybe I was naive when i was that young but I never would have done that

  5. SMA! I looked that up. Kids definitely grow up way too fast these days.

  6. I have a mathematics degree and hated 8th grade math! The math degree happened because I loved calculus but 9th grade math was horrible. SMA from 8th graders doesn't surprise me but I went to 8th grade in a very tough environment. (I had to look up Llamacorns too.)


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