Monday, January 19, 2015

That I Do Remember

"Do you remember me?"

It's a common question. The answer is usually no.

An average class contains 33 students. Sometimes 35. Not usually much less than 30. I'll see five periods a day.

While I may get some students over and over, there are some students I see once and then not again. And unless there's some memorable incident...

"You confiscated my cell phone."

Again, not a detail that makes the student stand out.

"I was taking a picture... of her..."

The girl was two seats over.

"And I took out my battery..."

Aha! Yep, that I do recall. It was memorable enough that I wrote about it.

I mentioned that he was being way too paranoid. He said that the principal actually did go through his phone. Looking for drug references. And the boy's sister yelled at the administration for the violation of the student's privacy. So, apparently it became a big huge thing.

Ah well...

I was at the continuation high school. It was the orientation class--the first class the students take when they're first sent out of the other schools.

So, I'm kind of not surprised to see that he ended up there.


  1. So per se you remember incident, maybe not exactly the student until they start telling the events :)


  2. I remember names rather than faces which isn't such a good thing in the classroom. Perhaps we should be provided with mugshots... or is that a terrible thing to say?

    1. They actually have a program in the online attendance where every student's name is paired with their picture. It's really awesome when the teachers print those out for us subs.

  3. oh of the future hopefuls-ick

  4. Oh I never remember anyone until I've seen them a zillion times. Both at work and personally which drives my husband nuts!


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