Friday, January 2, 2015

Famous Roles

The schools are on vacation, and so I have no subbing stories for you. Which means I delve back into "the schedule"...

The only problem with this is Fridays kind of suck. I've never gotten a good Friday topic. They don't seem to stick. But then I had this brilliant idea.

Random Quiz Fridays.

(I thought about doing Friday Funnies, but that idea came from another blog, and then there's the alliteration. Can't do alliteration if I have a choice in the matter.)

I mean, why not?

So, to inaugurate the new feature (I suppose I should put feature in quotes as that's how seriously I'm taking this. In all probability, this will be the only one), we're doing "Who DIDN'T Play These Famous Film & TV Roles" from Playbuzz.

(I tried to embed the thing or at least get an image, but after a half hour of fail, I can't try anymore. Click on the title and it should take you there. Considering the luck I've been having with this, I can't be sure.)

I got 11 out of 15. Not too shabby. How did you do?


  1. I got 13-not bad:) Happy New Year

  2. What a cool idea. I got fourteen. The only one I missed was Channing Tatum voicing Superman. In my defense, I try to avoid all information about Channing Tatum :P.

  3. I got 7 out of 15, cute idea with the quiz.


  4. I guess I am not much of a super hero movie buff because I only got 6 out of the 15 and most of those were guesses.

  5. I got more than a few (didn't count) - much to my surprise!

  6. I did three and got them all wrong and realized I have NO idea. So I gave up!

    1. Awww... I guessed on several. You might have gotten one or two correct...

  7. 7 out of 15 which is shameful. My husband probably would have got them all correct as he's the one who watches super hero movies.


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