Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hope for the Future

Middle school. Special ed. English class.

They have this thing they do daily. They are given two sentences that have errors in them, and they are to find the errors and correct them. This day's sentence:
their were many people comeing to visit.
"Get rid of the E."

"Capitalize the T."

"That's the wrong 'there'."

And I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I didn't even have to prompt them and they found it. Easily.

See, Internet people. Middle schoolers in special ed can identify which there/their/they're is correct. Why can't the rest of you?

(I don't mean the readers of this blog. You all get it correct. I'm talking about those other commenters out there or those on Facebook who continually get it wrong.)


  1. LOL, had to laugh about this. Their/there/they're are "easy" for me. I have to sometimes think the difference between your/you're :)


  2. Even worse--I keep seeing SIGNS with incorrect spelling and grammar. I passed a church sign the other day that read: "Wednesday is Ladie's Night." I wanted to take a picture and caption it, "Just put that apostrophe anywhere!" If I pass it again, I just might...

  3. I have to admit that I frequently check in with Grammar Girl. When to use who and whom is always a struggle for me.

  4. I know a lot of people who have trouble with their/they're/their. It seems pretty simple to me.

  5. The other ones are your/you're and it's/its, lose/loose. I just ignore it if I can.

  6. The English language can be confusing even to its native speakers...

  7. Their, their...don't be too bothered by facebook people:-) Sorry couldn't help myself. My problem are the apostrophe's. there are more but I will leave it at that. Glad your class got all of them!

  8. I'm constantly amazed by comments posted on various social media outlets. The ideas conveyed are generally good, so it must be carelessness. I don't know. Glad your students did well.

    1. Sometimes it's just carelessness. Sometimes I wonder about the people posting.

  9. I'm pretty good at grammar but my comments would be laughable if it wasn't for spell check. Another reason I have a mathematics degree since I went to college before there was spell check!


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