Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Alleged Wasp

It was a middle school graphic arts class. I'm not sure exactly what they do, although the classroom was filled with computers and various shop-type equipment.

This particular teacher doesn't allow them on the computers when she's not there (I'm not sure what happened, but there has to be a good reason for it), so I knew going in they'd have book work.

And they weren't going to be happy about it.

4th period. I got the work passed out and explained. I think. I'm not sure when the boys spotted the wasp. Because it all went downhill after that.

They ran away. One complained that he was allergic. Another told me that I had to kill it. He indicated a broom. Then there was general shrieking and loud complaining.

So, was this wasp attacking them? No. As far as I could tell, there was no wasp. The boys pointed at the overhead lights. It was there.

These lights were at least 10 feet up. Way above their heads. So, nowhere near them.

Eventually I got them seated, but they would not settle. One shrieked that he saw the wasp, and another boy ran for it again.

"It's there. It's right there."

"It's coming out again."

I turned the first couple times. After that I stopped. I was right where the wasp was supposedly, yet I never saw the thing. I never heard the thing.

There was no wasp. I'm certain of it.

The rest of the class attempted to work in the midst of this chaos. There were six tables in the classroom. The wasp sighters were at only two. And then even one of those tables lost interest...

These boys started fighting over pencils. "No, that pencil is mine."

"What did you do with my pencil?"

"That was my lead."

I mean really. (Just imagine me shaking my head.)

The other reason I know the wasp didn't exist--no other period made mention of the beast.


  1. Well, you have to admire their creativity.

  2. Its funny how they'll try anything and everything not to have to do any work in class :)


  3. I have a lizard that runs in and out of my classroom a few times a day causing great upheaval. It's a real, live lizard though.

    1. Yeah, it's worse when it's a real live critter. Never had a lizard. Well, not yet.

  4. Bat's have been spotted in the library I currently work at. Fortunately not by me or by a patron. The library I previously worked at (which was demolished and rebuilt) was frequently visited by mice. Exterminators frequently stop by. I don't ask what they do; I just sign the sheet acknowledging the visit.


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