Friday, April 19, 2013


The lesson plan said: "Quiz. They may use their books."

Odd timing for a quiz--the Monday after spring break. Ah well. Whatever. If it's in the lesson plans...

No one batted an eye until 4th period. 4th period, however, was shocked. Shocked.

"He didn't tell us we had a quiz."

So, I gave my standard reply. "Surprise!"

(I'm pretty sure the teacher announced the quiz. The other classes weren't terribly surprised or shocked. Considering how period four acted, I kind of think them not remembering announced quizzes is a normal thing.)


  1. Poor fourth period. They are always the last to know.
    Cute post.

    1. I'm sorry. I can't feel sorry for them. They battled me too hard.

  2. Sounds like 4th period kind of deserved a surprise quiz!

  3. It's an open book quiz. Even if it wasn't announced, I think they can handle it.

  4. Did you smile when you announced, "Quiz"? I like to think that takes the sting out. :)


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