Monday, April 22, 2013

Sneaking By

Last week was a very long and painful week. I was the stop gap sub between the 8th grade science class' second long-term sub and the return of their teacher from maternity leave. I got all of the responsibilities of a long-term sub with none of the benefits.

(If I had known any of this when the week long gig was offered, I would have turned it down.)

We covered a chapter's worth of material that week. On Wednesday, I warned them there would be a quiz on Friday. On Thursday, I reminded them of this. Yet still, on Friday, several of them begged me for more time.

One boy was especially pitiful. He just needed the weekend to study. But they all were told and they had time to study (the homework was pretty light all week). Still, I felt bad when I saw that he got 4 correct out of 20.

In fourth period, several students had been out the Thursday on a field trip. Even though they knew of the quiz, they had missed one day of the material, so I let those that missed on Thursday skip the quiz (to make it up on Monday).

Unfortunately, this announcement was heard by the entire class.

I noticed that I had way more answer sheets than I should have. Questioning some students on this, they explained that they needed more time. Even though they had been at school on Thursday.

I explained to them that they could take the quiz that day or they could take a zero.

Once they got underway, I did a double check. I had a feeling. Sure enough, I had an answer sheet for a student who was present in class on Thursday. When I questioned him, he explained that he needed more time.

Trying to sneak one by me...


  1. Being a substitute teacher must be hard, and I admire you for doing it. That being said, it is a students job to try to get one over on the substitute if I remember school correctly. But, it is also the substitute's job to stop them from doing so. So congratulations! Substitute 1, Students 0.
    Your new follower Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

    1. And that right there is pretty much the theme of my blog. When I'm working, that is.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. are soooo sneaky! Nice to meet you through a to z...thanks for visiting our blog-Moxie Writers.

  3. Sneaky fella! Luckily you were one step ahead!

  4. If you give one a break, they'll all try to get it. Good thing you're so shrewd.

  5. I can empathize with the student. I procrastinated my way clear through my undergraduate career, putting off studying, never quite being ready for tests. Then something happened in graduate school, and I discovered it was much easier just to study and do the work. But try to convince an 8th grader of that—I don't envy you!

    VR Barkowski

  6. Sounds like you're doing a great job. Kids sure can test the waters though!

    1. I don't know how great a job I did. It was pure luck that I thought to double check at all.

  7. Ha ha! We all know about the dog who ate my homework! Lovely Liz thank you! I am setting off now (just posted Tree) to help readers at a school - gave a bit of work to them last week - will be interesting to see what they've done with it!
    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff


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