Friday, April 5, 2013

Early Morning Eeek

"Mr. N has a zero period..."

I wasn't sure why this mattered as I checked in on Monday. I would have been too late to school to cover it, and besides, there is no zero period on Mondays. But I was missing one key piece of information--the teacher was going to be out all week. And the secretary assumed that I was going to cover it.

(Normally, the sub caller would have given me the week assignment when she called, but for some reason she hadn't mentioned the week thing when I talked to her. I'm going to blame that oversight on Monday.)

I am not a morning person. Left to my own devices, I'm lucky if I'm awake before 10 AM.

And yet, I said I'd do it.

I mean, AP Calculus. How hard could it be? Well, besides starting at 6 AM?

What sort of individual willingly gets up and goes to school at 6 AM every day? For a year?

The class contained four students. (This was the second year of AP Calculus. The first year met 3rd period.) Two juniors and two seniors. The top of the class (well, not the number one, but numbers two and three of the senior class. The topic came up). Three of them morning people. (The fourth was just really committed to her education.)

All four attended all week. Even though they knew they had a sub.

How I managed to get through the week, I'm still not sure. (Going to bed every night at 9 PM helped.)


  1. I can not think of anything worse than Calculus at 6:00 am. Calculus at ANY TIME is bad enough. So, when you sub for something like this, do you actually have to KNOW about the subject ;)

  2. Wow, calculus at 6 am. That's dedicated!

    Carol's Notebook

  3. Further evidence: high school is hell.

    1. Yes, I'm so glad I'm not attending.

    2. If high school is hell, what does that make middle school?

  4. 6 AM is early in the morning! Those students must have to get up amazingly early to be on time.

  5. Good grief. I'm so impressed that students actually come to such an early class and for AP Calculus! Wow. I bet you're glad the week is over! :)

  6. Wow, five days a week for a year. Taking a five week class four days a week that required me to get up at 6 am was hell enough. Those kids should put it on their college admissions forms because it's pretty damn impressive.


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