Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last week was Spring Break. When I have no new stories for the blog, Tuesdays are the days when I dig into the archives and repost things from my past. This was originally posted on October 4, 2008

Yesterday I had a freshman English class. They were studying transitive and intransitive verbs.

It was the passing period into 4th period. I was up at the front of the room watching the kiddos come in. Many of them recognized me. I had subbed for one or more of their teachers last year.

"Great! It's the sub that hates me."

I looked up (she didn't say it all that softly) to identify the girl. It took me a moment. Then I remembered her.

Last year I covered three different teachers who all had the same group of 8th graders within about a week (this group and this group). This girl? I threw her out of all three classes. I wrote her up three times.

Do I hate her? No. I barely even remembered her.

I suppose I should explain. I don't spend a lot of time harboring anger towards students who misbehave. It's not worth the time or effort. They may make for an interesting post. Then, I concentrate on my next assignment. Sometimes I barely remember Friday what I did on Monday. Why then would I hold on to a grudge against a student I may not see for months?

4th period was the best class of the day. They participated. They worked when I told them to. And when they worked they were silent. A dream class. And the girl? She sat in her corner and did little to nothing.

Oh well. I wonder if she never works or if she chose not to work because I was there. But I won't wonder for long.

Since this post, I have run into her a few more times. At the continuation high school. (Most recently.) And for some reason, I seem to recall seeing her name on the graduation list. But I'm not sure.


  1. Sometimes "hate" is used to express that someone at least remembers another. In other words, kids these days prefer to be thought of as "hated" as opposed to "I don't even remember you." At least the former is a caveat to being unique enough to elicit an emotion.

  2. It sounds like she doesn't do anything and then blames others. It's too bad that she's developed that habit at such a young age.

  3. I think your attitude is the right one. I wouldn't get uptight about her either.

  4. That's too bad she thinks that but at that age it's easier to point the finger elsewhere than look at yourself.

  5. Interesting posts on this young lady- I hope she did graduate! And I love your attitude! :)

  6. I hope she graduated. That would be good!


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