Monday, April 15, 2013

Minimum Day Scramble

Due to the constraints of the A to Z Challenge, I'm blogging this week in reverse. Minimum days tend to fall at the end of the week, and last Friday was no exception. And as luck would have it, a teacher actually gave a quiz on a Monday.  

The thing about subbing is, I'm always walking in cold. I may know what the subject is ahead of time, but I don't know where they are in the curriculum or how the kids behave.

It doesn't help to walk into a situation where the teacher has been out for a couple months.

You'd think that the last sub in the position would leave a bit of a heads up for the next sucker sub. But instead of finding a "this is where I left off; please continue doing..." sort of note, I got nothing.

At least the other teachers in the department were able to get me up to speed.

I was told to collect some assignment the previous sub gave. And then I was to give the kids a quiz.

Unfortunately, the previous sub told the kids the assignment was due next week. And the quiz was kind of a surprise. Although, not a big one.

It was a good thing that it was a minimum day. I don't think I could have handled a longer one.


  1. I wish that song "If I could save time in a bottle" were true. I'd pull out that saved time for days I don't want to work or feel tired and use it to get extra rest so that I could feel my best.

  2. Eeps, sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me! Yay for minimum days! :)

  3. Yeesh. They could have at least stuck up a post-it. You must have to be able to think fast to be a sub.

  4. Sub etiquette broken. Always leave a note to help the next victim.

  5. What Theresa said. Teaching is rough when you're facing the same class every day, and subbing is difficult under any condition. Not leaving you a note was inexcusable. Glad you survived. :)

    ~VR Barkowski

  6. Subbing sounds hard, but oh so needed. My daughter is a teacher and would be lost without her occasional subs. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I haven't been reading your blog long enough/frequently enough/with both eyes enough to know what a "minimum day" is, but I have to say, I like the concept. I could use a "minimum day" sometimes at work. Like "today is a minimum day, so try to not come into my office 14 times," which would be helpful.

    1. A minimum day is a day that ends early--at about noon instead of in the afternoon. They occur on the last day of each quarter and before Back to School Night and Open House.


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