Thursday, September 1, 2011

Type It Out

I get the worst writer's cramp. In school, it was the bane of my existence. Ever tried to keep up with a fast talking math professor? And don't even get me started on timed essay tests. (All this was in the dark ages, before the proliferation of cell phones and laptops, so I have no idea if it would be as bad now as it was then.)  

I still remember taking my AP English test and wondering if my hand would give out before I could get that essay finished.  

That's why I love computers. If I had to write my stories out longhand, I would not be writing.  

I love typing (or is it called keyboarding now?). I love the sound the keys make as the words appear letter by letter on the screen. I love the feel of the keyboard beneath my fingers. And I can type about as fast as I can think, so I don't spend too much time having my words catch up to my thoughts.  

A hard copy is good sometimes. I like to be able to cross out sections, circle words, and see my writing on a physical page. (Why is it that you can see your mistakes easier on a hard copy?) But when I'm writing, I need to type it out.  


  1. I still call it typing. I definitely prefer typing to writing longhand. Though typing can cause hand problems, too.

  2. I think what I do is still called hunt and peck, though I'm fairly fast at it :)

    I still write by hand now and again.

  3. Ooh, I remember test-induced hand cramps. Essays--ugh. It's one of the reasons I love computers so much. For my own work, I actually prefer a digital copy. I know what you mean about having the words in front of you, but I prefer e-editing. I like being able to change a word and see how it looks with the whole sentence :)

  4. I prefer typing over writing too. Now my butt just falls asleep from sitting too long. Also, I don't know how many times I've edited. If I print, I always find new mistakes. :)

  5. You should give Dragon Naturally Speaking a whirl sometime. No typing at all...just dictating to the computer and watching the words appear at faster than 120 words a minute.

  6. I like typing things out as well. I have some writing in longhand, but that was mostly because I couldn't get access to a computer. :P

  7. I still write out a lot of my stuff long hand because I don't have a laptop and my computer is in the living room. My hand craps SO bad after I get really inspired.

  8. I rarely get writers' cramps, but man, I hear you on AP English! I felt the same way both times! (took both lang/lit exams) Oof.

    I think there are stretches that help with that, though. :-)


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