Friday, September 16, 2011

Mysterious Visit

My first gig of the new school year was for 8th grade science. The teacher left them a quiz, a vocabulary sheet, and a lab packet to work on.

During third period, two boys took their time completing the quiz. It was 10 questions long, yet somehow after a half hour they still weren't done. (There was a lot of staring into space and fidgeting.)

Luckily, the rest of the class worked away on the other assignments quietly.

Then the assistant principal came by. He waved at me. I returned the wave with a smile. He walked the room. About a minute later, one of the counselors came in, and she did the same.

I felt such relief. It's nice to have a behaving class when the administrators pop by.

The counselor motioned for one boy to follow her out of class. It was one of the boys who was taking his time on the quiz. The boy returned for a moment to collect his things, and then all three left. (About this time, the other boy decided he'd stared at that quiz for long enough.)

I felt the question in the air. The class was curious. Why had the assistant principal and the counselor visited our class? No one asked the question, but I thought I should clue them in.

"They were doing a dress code check."

Several students did a quick body check. Suddenly, they were all nervous. I don't know why. They all passed.

(The boy who was removed had the sagging jeans thing going on. I don't get that. Why wear pants at all if they're hanging below your butt? That can't be comfortable.)


  1. Dress code check - good thing to say!

    I don't know how these boys function with the baggy jeans. Last year, I watched a boy running up and down the court like that. How did his pants stay up? My theory: Magic.

  2. Magic pants? Sounds like a short story idea!

    "Why wear pants at all if they're hanging below your butt?"

    That made me laugh.

  3. The only reason anyone where's something like sagging pants is to break the dress code.

  4. Dresscode. The pants below the butt is called housing, right? I never could understand that. Might as well just go to school in underwear. :)

  5. Good. I'm glad there's a dress code and that it is enforced. Kids get away with too much stupid stuff these days.


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