Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Key Issues

School has started, but I haven't been called to work yet. Maybe tomorrow? Until I have something new, here's a post from January 8, 2007. This was not the first time I've had issues getting into a classroom, nor was it the last. 

I had a restless night. Getting called to sub didn't help my situation. I ended up running late, but I got to class a minute or two before the warning bell (not good, but not late, so not terrible).

The door to the classroom was not fully closed. It was locked (the knob wouldn't turn), but the metal catch was not in the slot in the door jam--it opened with a light pull. Bad. Very bad. Anyone could get into the classroom and make off with any number of things. But it was very, very lucky for me.

My key didn't work.

Every morning when I check in a key is checked out to me. This is so I can get into the classroom. At the end of the day I can lock the room. And I can leave to use the restroom and go to lunch. Unattended classrooms must always be locked. Thieves roam the pathways.

I could not do any of this with a key that does not work.

I'm fairly competent mechanically. Key in lock--twist. It should turn easily. Well, not easily, but it does give to pressure. This key would not budge. I tried the other tricks I know--pushing the key all the way in, pulling it out a smidge, jiggling it...Nothing.

I had 1st period to start, and I was in the room, so I left it for the moment. 2nd period I had off.

Another teacher taught in the room 2nd period. I asked her about the key situation. She told me that the lock had been rekeyed.

I went up to the office. I explained my problem. I told the secretary what the teacher had told me. But they did not have a record of this room being rekeyed, so as far as they were concerned, it hadn't happened.

I was sent back to the room with the offending key. I waited for someone to come and try the key, and he told me that I was correct--the key didn't work. (Duh!) I went back to the office for another key. This key also did not work.

At this point I should mention how much walking this entailed. I was in a classroom quite far from the office. Roughly, it was 200 yards (or more) distant. Not a big deal really. It was good to get some exercise in. But the distance will make a difference in a bit.

I called the office when I learned that key #2 didn't work. After walking back and forth a couple times I decided to take a break and not try the new key until nearly time for the next class. Bad move. When I called, it was a minute into the passing period between snack and 3rd period. The secretary then told me that they had confirmed that the lock had been rekeyed, and she had the right key for me. But now I had to run.

Remember the 200 yards? The school is pretty compact for the amount of students who attend, so besides the distance, I had to fight crowds. And I had less than five minutes (I already burned a minute in calling the secretary back). I was not wearing my running shoes.

I surprised myself by actually getting back to the classroom before the tardy bell (I may have run into a few students, but I don't think I left any marks). I said a quick, verbal prayer: "Please God, let it work!" It did.

The crazy things that happen to me...


  1. Wow that sounds so frustrating! Good luck this school year. I have a first grade assignment this week, and next week I'm moving to a bigger city with a ton of schools to sub at. Should be interesting. Looking forward to hearing more of your sub stories! :)

  2. I could never be a substitute teacher. How on earth you manage is beyond me.

  3. Goodness! Glad you at least got it on the third time!

  4. That sounds like a mess! At least it worked the last time . . .


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