Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fictional Earthquake?

As a sub, I get to hear all sorts of things about teachers from the students' perspectives. Some days the students vent a bit about frustrations in their classes. So long as things don't get out of hand, I let them talk. I hear the most interesting things that way.

Today, the class got to talking about a home ec. teacher that they had all had a couple years ago. They did not like her much.

I've met this teacher. She's nice enough to other adults. But I've also seen her classes, and so I understand why she's strict with them.

The students told me that they liked to make her angry. They did this every day.

One girl told me, "We had an earthquake, and she didn't believe us. We could have died!"

I pointed out that if the earthquake was mild enough that the teacher didn't feel it, it was unlikely that the thing was strong enough to cause injury or damage. The girl continued on, though.

"The cabinets were shaking and everything."

I was still unimpressed. If the school didn't call for an evacuation, then the earthquake wasn't strong enough to cause any harm. And it's entirely possible that the students could have faked this by shaking the cabinets themselves. As I wasn't there, I can't know any of this for sure.

Venting done, the students moved on to other topics of conversation.


  1. Hey, didn't you notice that earthquake just now? No?

  2. Kids whine about natural disasters but they secretly wish they'd happen so they don't have to go to school or think that they're "cool". It's all probably motivated by "attention-getting" behavior.

    If they lived through a real disaster, they might be more humble. But I guess that would make them adults.

  3. Subs do get to hear some gossip!

    When students don't like a teacher, for whatever the reason, that teacher can never do right.

    I hope I'm never that teacher.


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