Friday, May 13, 2011

A Break Up?

The good news: the lesson plan for the last three days was a video. The bad news: the lesson plan for the last three days was a video. (At least I got to see the whole thing.)

It was a 7th grade science class. They were pretty good most of the time. But yesterday I noticed notes going back and forth. Since they weren't disrupting the class, I let it slide.

Then they made a very 7th grade mistake. They left the notes where I could find them. I was curious. Are you?

Yeah, I can't keep this to myself. I found several back and forth notes, but this one seems to be to what the others were referring. It's written in two hands, one in pencil and the other in blue ink. Names have been changed. Spelling and grammar have not.

The note:
Pencil: why did you break up with Sarah?
Pen: I haven't broke up with her yet
Pencil: Jimmy told me?
Pen: told you what?
Pencil: That you broke up with her....
Pen: No I haven't
Pencil: Frikkn' Jimmy XD he said you told him!
Pen: Yeah I did but itz still not over
Pencil: mmm. you should tell Jimmy that because look....
Pen: Wait I don't get it he said wait what are you guy talking            about?
Pencil: Ask Jimmy. He's stuborn.
Pen: he told me that he said if you liked me n you said hell no
Pencil: that's why--
Pen: Wait you said no because I have a girlfriend?
Pencil: Nooo, idk?
Pen: I wanna break up with her cuz we never have anything to talk    about
Pencil: Oh,, well then idk what to tell you
Pen: n then plus next year shes going to the 9th grade
Pencil: True...
Pen: yup...
Pencil: Well then...idk. do whatever you "want" to do? :)
Pen: Im gonna break up with her but I don't wanna see her cry
Pencil: Awwh, well if you still like her then don't break up with her...
Pen: I did something that I will regret my whole life  
And that is where I run out of page. Although, I found another page that sounds like it might be the continuation. It's hard to tell. And this post has gone on too long.

Ah, 7th grade drama. (Should I post the rest of it?)


  1. HEHE, I had something similar recently on my 12 year old cousin's Facebook page - it was pretty hilarious. It was about how she had broken up with one guy to start dating another, and people were telling her off and then others were saying "Don't judge her!!" etc. lol

    I'd personally love to read the rest of it :P

  2. I love the "Noooo, idk." Oh, the epic conflictions of young "love." Thanks for the laugh!

    <3 Gina Blechman


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