Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Late Day

My contest is still open...

I had a lovely morning. I slept until 9. Took my time getting my breakfast. Checked my email. And then I got ready for work. I didn't have to be there until 12:30.

On Monday I got the call. Reentry. Thursday. Of course I'd cover it.

Reentry is an interesting class. All the students are over 18. They're all pretty close to graduating, but they have passed their expected graduation date. They spend four hours working on packets of work to earn their missing credits.

The reentry class shares the room with a math class at the continuation high school. The overlap lasts only one period. There was a sub for the math teacher when I arrived. He had no idea what I was doing there.

Then the class got confused. I don't know why. The reentry class arrives at about the same time every day.

First I told the other sub that I was there for reentry. He's a regular like me, and we run into each other frequently. All I had to say was reentry, and he understood.

Then the rest of the class asked why there was another sub. (I heard Kayla's voice.) The other sub got his class on track, and I got stuff set up for reentry.

All during that period, reentry students trickled in. The other sub wondered how the two classes could function in the one room. I explained that it's something they do every day. The reentry students sat around the edges and worked on their own work.

It's an interesting assignment. The reentry class lets out at 6:30. (There are two groups. One starts earlier than the other. Each only has to be in class for four hours.) And there are no behavior problems whatsoever.

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  1. Never heard of that. However I am at the elementary level so it is a bit different. Sounds like a great day for you. Our district is letting go a ton of teachers this year because of budgets. I am feeling bad for them and wondering what they will do. Maybe we will have a huge amount of subs.


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