Monday, May 16, 2011

A Break Up Part 2

On Friday I posted the first part of this note. I stopped where they ran out of page, but it turned out that they continued the back and forth on another sheet.

When this missive came into my possession, I read this page first. It didn't make a lot of sense. (It would have helped if they had numbered the things.) Now I can see how this is a continuation of the previous page.

As before, names have been changed. Grammar has not.
Pencil: What did you do?
Pen: I swore never to say it again
Pencil: You can't trust me, huh?
Pen: No because I can't tell no girls of what I did
Pencil: How bad is it?
Pen: from a 1-10 it has to be a 10
Pencil: Gimme a clue
Pen: I said no I can't tell
Pencil: Nick you've trusted me before, why not now?
Pencil: Why don't you trust me?
Pen: because I just don't know
Pencil: What don't you know? Just because im a girl doesn't mean       you can't tell me
Pen: Can we please change the subject?
Pencil: Now your gonna have to tell me because im stuborn!
Pen: No im not
Pencil: I AM!
Pen: I AM what?!
Pencil: I am stuborn!
Pen: Ohh
        lol menso
Pen: Haha wow Nick :]
There was still about a half a page left after this, so I guess that's where this conversation ended. I have three more sheets with similar exchanges. Everyone wanted to know what everyone else was "talking" about. Well, I guess it was more interesting than the movie.

Ah, 7th grade drama.


  1. This is just so funny. to quote the kids... "LOL" ;)

  2. This made me smile. Seventh grade drama is always more interesting than the movie.


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