Saturday, May 7, 2011


The eighth graders remember me. (I shudder here.)

I have hit most of the eighth grade science classes. I've done a day in eighth grade English. So, yesterday when I covered an eighth grade pre-algebra class, I shouldn't have been surprised that they all knew me.

It started simply. They asked if I had subbed for their science teacher. I had. Then they asked if I remembered them.

One boy asked the question first. He looked semi-familiar, but I didn't remember anything specific about him. He jogged my memory by reminding me that he had commented on my earrings (saying they looked like hot Cheetos). Ah yes, I remembered that.

Later in the day, a girl asked if I remembered her in science. She explained that she had changed her hair since I saw her last. She had been a blonde, but now she was brunette. Her friend hinted that the whole hair color thing was a story. I admitted that I didn't remember her from science.

I sort of felt bad. I'd like to remember all of them, but when I see an average of 175 students a day, not all of them stick.

(The links are to the actual days I subbed for the teachers they asked me about. For the science class I had to look through my records to find the day that I subbed for their teacher. I reread the post. It's a sad commentary on my memory that the good days slip my mind that easily.)


  1. Oh, I hate it when people remember me but I don't remember them. But as you say, with 175 kids in one day, it would be hard to have instant recall a few weeks later!

  2. Su--Yeah, I feel kinda bad when they ask me that. But if I don't remember them, it's usually a good thing. They didn't act up and make themselves memorable.


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