Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Opportunity

Another day in opportunity...

I've complained enough about these classes. Today was just as bad as it usually is. But there were a couple notable exchanges.

It was early in the day. One boy informed me that he was going to be deaf by the time he was 40. He told me he listened to his music too loud. I replied that if he turned down the music, it might help save his hearing. The boy explained that he needed the music loud when he got home. He used it to drown out the yelling of his parents.

A bit later, the lone girl in the room asked me to open the door. She said it was too warm. (It's been unseasonably cool lately. At the time it was about 60 degrees outside. I was cold.) I said no.

She continued: "It's too stuffy in here. I'm burning up. Have you ever ridden a horse? You should. It's fun."

I almost got whiplash the change of subject was so quick. Yikes.

And I get to see all of them again tomorrow. If you don't hear from me again, send out a search party. Who knows what they'll do with me.

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