Friday, May 20, 2011

Extra Credit

It's Friday and I was back at the continuation high school. Yep, I'm there a lot. But Friday is the day to be there.

The students were supposed to be working on anything they hadn't finished this week. For those whose work was up-to-date there was an extra credit crossword puzzle. The lesson plan described it thusly: "Crosswords are officially just extra-credit, but you don't have to tell them that."

I walked around the room, giving crossword puzzles to students who had no other work. One girl was about to refuse the paper, but first she asked, "Is that worth credit?"

I debated and decided on the truth: "It's extra credit."

Girl: "Oh, okay then. I want it."

Something similar happened two other times. So, just when I thought telling them that it was extra credit was the way to go, I got another student who decided against doing the puzzle just because it was extra credit.

But it was Friday, so we got out early. Yeah.


  1. That's strange that someone wouldn't want a crossword puzzle because it was "extra credit". I always did anything that was worth "extra credit" because it helped act as a cushion for "tests" so that you could get a few answers wrong.

  2. There seems to be a need for a lot of negotiation with high school students these days. I don't remember a lot of extra credit. But then again I don't remember talking back to teachers either. Different times!


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