Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today was one of those days. Average. The kids weren't bad, but they weren't spectacularly good either. It was a good working day.

Unfortunately, it didn't give me a great incident on which I could hang a blog post.

I spend my days looking for that one thing that will make a good story to blog about. (Well, that and doing my job, but that should go without saying.) I usually have a couple things to choose from. I do for today as well. But none of these are terribly original. My choices...

  1. I had an issue finding the lesson plans. They were in an obvious place, but since no teacher had left his/her lesson plans there in a while, it didn't occur to me to look there until after I called the teacher at home. (I blame Mercury going retrograde.)  
  2. It warmed up. I had the air conditioner going. The kids complained that it was too cold.  
  3. I ran into a student I had had in class at the traditional high school (I was at the continuation high school today). I wasn't surprised to see him at the CHS. His behavior at the THS screamed future CHS student.  
  4. I was in a computer class. Some students were doing things (online, games) that they weren't supposed to do. They thought they were hiding it from me. They weren't.  
  5. I got to watch a video twice. I saw it before in another class.  
  6. And I was just happy not to be at one of the other schools today because they were having an assembly.  
I probably should have just gone with the skip today. It wasn't a terribly interesting day.  

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