Friday, April 1, 2011

Dance Off Aftermath

I celebrated too soon. Sure, I missed the assembly at one school yesterday, but the school I was at today had their assembly today. Sigh.

The assembly was loud and kind of boring, the way they usually are. Towards the end, they had a dance off between the 7th and 8th graders.

There was this one 7th grade boy who was bringing it. He fell on the ground to do some break dancing. He did flips with a running start. I thought I was watching a gymnast for a bit. There were others who were pretty good, but this kid outshone them all.

I have no idea which grade won. It was too loud to hear.

After the assembly was 4th period. I was surprised to find the gymnast boy in my class, along with another notable dancer. I don't think I'll shock anyone by mentioning that they walked into class a bit wound up.

It became my job to mellow them out.

The class had a video. They were to take notes. I insist on silence during videos, and most of the class complied.

Those two boys, however, weren't going to do it. They started by trading insults. Then one boy (not the gymnast) found he had to comment on every thought that went through his head. And there was a third boy who thought this was all very funny (he found subtle ways to keep the other two going).

I managed to get them almost settled...and then it was time for them to go. I haven't been so grateful for lunch in a long time.

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