Thursday, April 28, 2011

Self Awareness

I was yet again at the continuation high school today. Orientation classes. These are the students who are brand new to the CHS. They have only just left a traditional high school due to not being on track to graduate on time. 

After they finish the orientation coursework, they can get started earning credits for any classes that they failed. Many in the class were to this point, so they were working on health or geography. 

Boy: "Geography is a sophomore class?" 

Girl: "Freshman." 

Boy: "Of course. I f***ed around freshman year." 

Girl: "Me too." 

Hence, why they are now at the CHS. 

I should have gotten on their cases for the dropping of the f-bomb, but I let it slide due to the context of the conversation. The next thing they said, however, was that they shouldn't have used that language. 

This bodes well for them. I hope they plan to take advantage of the opportunity the CHS affords. Others in the class did not make such good use of their time.

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  1. Hence... loved that. At least they know to blame themselves. That's a good part of the battle. When I've subbed at the continuation high school, I feel the same way.

    Have a great weekend!


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