Monday, April 18, 2011

Changed Plans

I had such a lovely plan for this week. The district is on spring break, so while I have no new subbing stories, I thought I'd spend a couple posts explaining my writing process. I learn so much from hearing how others do this writing thing, and I thought it was time to contribute something of my own to the discussion.

But I don't feel so hot. Cough. Stuffy nose. The usual cold stuff.

And, once I got to thinking about it, I thought that perhaps no one really cares how I write.

Yeah, it's not happening today. I think I'm just going to take it easy.

Although, I am going to pose the question. Should I? Should I take some time detailing what I do when I work on my novel in progress? (I can always get to it during testing week or sometime in the summer.)


  1. I think when you are feeling better its a great idea. We all learn from each other. I tend to be backasswards in how I do my writing stuff from other people but it works for me. Feel better.

  2. You're sick. You should definitely pamper yourself right now. Do what you want. ;)


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