Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Internet Is Not Working

I used to have a MySpace account. I started my blog there. But after I had a few too many technical difficulties, I moved the blog here. I have since closed the MySpace account. I hate to lose all of my blogs from that time, so from time to time I repost them here.  

This was originally posted May 7, 2007.  

Computer class. Continuation high school.

They were supposed to be working on their typing. For the most part they were. I'm not really talking about them anyway. I had two students from other classes come into 4th period to use the computers. They needed to look something up on the Internet. Sure, I said.

I probably should have mentioned that the Internet went down at the end of 3rd period. That would have been the right thing to do, don't you think?

Near the end of 3rd period the teacher from next door came in to ask if our Internet was down as well. It was. It wasn't something that bothered me too much. The students were supposed to be working on the typing program or Word. Having the Internet offline helped out immensely with this.

So, first the girl comes in to "get a picture". She turns on a computer. Waits for it to boot up. Logs on. (Understand, the log on takes a bit of time too.) Then tries the Internet. She tries a different computer. Then comes up to me to ask.

Yeah, I should have told her up front that the Internet was down. That would have been the nice thing to do. Though, honestly, I didn't even think of it. I must be tired.

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