Thursday, April 14, 2011

Middle School Musical

It's the subbing busy season. I've worked every day this week so far, and it looks likely that I'll work tomorrow as well. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Today was a pretty nice day until 6th period. 6th period was difficult. Periodically, they broke into song.

It was an 8th grade U.S. history class. They had a worksheet. The lesson plan stated that they had been difficult yesterday for a sub and a guest speaker, therefore today they were to work individually on the assignment.

"Work individually" is code for work quietly. No talking.

I got them seated. I got the assignment out to them. I was working on the quiet part. They got nearly quiet. Then one girl started singing, and several of her classmates joined in. I told them to stop. They did. Then a minute later, a new song would pop up.

The problem was they did not understand why I didn't want them singing in class.

One girl said to her friend, "I don't care if she's writing my name down. I got my work done. I'm doing nothing wrong."

Tomorrow is Friday. Next week is spring break. Whew.


  1. You really do deserve a medal for subbing in middle school.

  2. I had to smile. A class breaking into song in unison. Great stuff. Well great stuff to read, not so great to deal with!

  3. Subbing is the worst job with the older kids. I did it for several years and it is what gave me confidence and control when I started teaching full time. No one messed with me. I had seen it all.


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