Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Long Walk

I wore myself out yesterday. Not intentionally. But by the time I got home, all I wanted to do was to collapse, so I did.

I subbed for a history teacher. He left a video. It was a pretty ordinary day, and all went well until sixth period. That period he coached cross country.

The high school's classrooms are laid out pretty compactly. Getting around is easily accomplished in the normal passing period. But the school's athletic fields are kind of out there.

At the end of fifth period, I had to wait for the students to exit the room. Then I left my note for the day (as I wasn't coming back to the room), I packed up my stuff, I made sure the room didn't look trashed, and I headed out the door. I was to go to the track (as that's where the cross country kids met). I knew that there was no way that I'd make it before the sixth period tardy bell rang, so at least I didn't try to run that distance.

The track is way out there. The teacher's classroom was on the opposite side of campus.

Because I was curious, I got on Google maps when I got home. I measured the distance from the classroom to the track. It came out as just under a half a mile. No wonder!

Yeah, I'm out of shape. Although, I think the fault was in my shoes. And my bag was a bit heavy. And the fact that I just don't like covering coaching periods (I always feel so extraneous and useless).

The classes are easy. The kids joined the team for a reason. So, I got to watch as the boys took off around the block (and around the town, I expect) while the girls ran around the track doing "suicides".

I really have nothing to complain about.

On a side note, I also wrote a post today over here. It has nothing to do with subbing (or writing). It's all about shopping. Do stop by, please. 


  1. Don't you just love those easy classes? I subbed half a day for a sixth grade class last week.....Kinda wore me out lol.

  2. Cross country is so lame anyway.

  3. With the stuff subs have to carry around, it is tiring when you have to walk a fair distance. This happens to me when I sub at the high school, and have to go back and forth between the Freshman and regular campuses while the main high school is under construction.

    Hope you've had a restful weekend!

  4. Talking of which, I need to do more running. I always feel a lot fitter when I do, but somehow, beforehand, I don't feel fit enough to start.

  5. Rogue--I have a lot of respect for students who willingly run those distances. I couldn't, though.

    Tony--Better you than I. I think it's the same as writing, though. You just have to start somewhere.


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