Thursday, March 24, 2011

Career Faire

Today was Career Faire day at the continuation high school. It's the second easiest sub day on the school calendar. (The easiest sub day is in November.) My job consisted of sitting in a classroom while someone made a presentation to the students.

Today I was in the room with a representative from a local community college. She was there talking about the school's automotive repair program.

She was a fair speaker. She hit all the important points about the program, so any student who was interested got a good overview.

We had four sessions. In the fourth session, we ended up with the "interesting" group. I kept my fingers crossed that we wouldn't have any major behavior issues. The students were more lively, but they didn't get to the point where I worried about them disrespecting the speaker.

One of the points of the presentation was the requirements for students. As there was an internship program with this, each applicant would be required to pass a drug screen.

And we lost half the group.

Several of them informed the speaker that that left them out. They remained a good audience for the speaker until the end of the time, though.

I don't know what troubles me more: that they admitted that they couldn't pass a drug screen, or that none of the students that admitted this surprised me.

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  1. Oh so sad. I am in elementary school and I know it will be coming for some of them. YOu can tell in kdg. And It is very sad.


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