Friday, March 18, 2011

End of Day Strange

There is something about 6th period. It's the last period of the day, and the kiddos are done. These classes can be the worst classes of the day. However, I find classes of only seniors end up more strange than out and out bad.

Seniors have the option of taking a shorter school day. I wasn't surprised to find that today's group in government only contained 15 students. They didn't misbehave, exactly. They were just a bit looser than the other groups.

I called for their current event assignment. They informed me that they don't do current events. (They're supposed to turn in a set number per semester, so everyone is not required to have one every week.) I told them of the day's assignment, and they balked at the amount of work expected.

Well, every period balked at the amount of work expected. These guys decided that they had to let the teacher know of their displeasure. They wrote her a note which said, "Mrs. K., You trippin'." (Yes, they did include the apostrophe with trippin'.)

They were working (sort of), and one boy was commenting on his hoodie. He told another student that the sleeves were "grody". I did a double take.

I explained to them that the last time I heard the word grody was in 1983. (I was exaggerating. I probably heard that word last as late as 1985.) They didn't believe me. They said they used it all the time.

What? When did the '80s come back? And why?

They didn't get as much work done as the other classes, but they did attempt it. And I was surprised to find a student who I met at the continuation high school in class (I guess he made up enough credits to graduate at his "home school"). I wouldn't have said anything, but he brought it up.

It was an interesting way to end the week.


  1. lol great post. Words get recycled all the time. The word "f*ck" is hundreds of years old. It's interesting that a swear word used by people at the time of the civil war or older is still popular with teens. But, they probably think they invented it. Kids in my opinion, tend to take credit for a lot of things if it's "cool".

  2. Grody huh? I guess as long as no one is saying "Gag me with a spoon" we are all right.


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