Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Some days, finding a topic to post about is easy. Some days the kids try to bribe me. Other days every other student is paranoid about the Illuminati. And then there are the fights.  

Today was not one of those days.  

The English teacher left us three poems to read. (I Googled them and found them: "The Secret," "The Gift," and "Halley's Comet".) I even managed to get a discussion out of them.  

They called the poems boring. They didn't get the point. I tried to help the students make sense of them. I don't know if I succeeded. But somehow we managed to have a lucid discussion about the poems that didn't devolve into them talking amongst themselves while I talked at them.  

I call that a win.  

Unfortunately, that means that I don't have an interesting story to go with my day for today. Sorry.  

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