Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Time

Some days I wish I had a video camera.

It's Friday at the continuation high school, and things are pretty laid back. If they have been on task all week, they get a "free day" (and this being a computer class, that means Internet). Although, many of them are taking a "free day" anyway, but that's for another post (and rant).

Of course, the thing about the "free day" is that they are still stuck in class, and they are at the mercy of the school Internet connection. They complained frequently that all the "good stuff" was blocked (games, music, youtube, myspace, etc.). So, some gave up the Internet search in favor of entertaining themselves.

Try to imagine this. Two high school students. One male. One undetermined (female name, dressed masculine). Playing "patty cake".

I'm going to let that sink in.

Seriously, they were doing that clapping thing that elementary age girls usually do (usually with some sing-song rhyme). I stood and watched for a moment in amazement.

"I wish I had a camera. This would go on youtube."

Yes, I did tell them that (as I had no camera, there was no real danger). And they stopped immediately. Too bad.

Although, high school is the age when everything young child is cool again. So, perhaps they would have performed for my wished-for camera.

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