Monday, April 21, 2008

No Humor

It all started with a joke. I listened to the joke with trepidation. Student conversations can go from innocuous to wildly inappropriate in a matter of microseconds, and this is especially true at the continuation high school. Luckily, the joke was innocuous. It was also not funny.

The student was disappointed by my lack of response. He told me that I need a sense of humor. He said I should smile. What a wonderful compliment!

I try very hard to seem dour. I need the classes to behave. If I seem too friendly, they might be tempted to act up, and that'll make my job that much harder. (There is a middle ground to this--if I'm too dour, then they could fight me more on things--but that's for another post.)

As for the joke--a duck walks into a bar and orders drinks. The bartender wants to know how the duck will pay for them. The duck says, "Put it on my bill".

See, not funny.

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