Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It was one of those days. I needed to do something to keep my mind active, so I plotted stitch patterns. I keep a clipboard with paper on it (for notes about the class), so I doodled on it. I've been working on cell phone cozies (pictures coming soon), and they need something a little more interesting than stockinette stitch.

I also have a little collection of unusual student names. I'll go through the roll sheet and jot down any new ones. I have a list. (No, I'm not going to share.) I had time to add to this list today as well.

I had some issues with fifth period. They were juniors, so they should have known better. At the end of the period, they descended upon me and the podium up front. They wanted to know which names I'd taken down.

On the clipboard I keep the class notes at the bottom. On top--my knitting doodles. But they were sure that this was code.

I explained that it was a knitting pattern. "But it says 'row 1' & 'row 2'." Yeah, row 1 of the pattern followed by row 2. Then they found the list of names.

Luckily the bell rang, and they were no longer interested in what was on my clipboard. Although, if they had dug around long enough, they would have found my note to their teacher, and they would have learned that their note wasn't all that bad. (Later I amended the note, telling of the issue that I had.)

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