Friday, April 4, 2008

Locked Door

There is a group of girls (mostly cheerleaders) who sit in the waiting area of the front office of the high school in the mornings before school. They started this last year, probably because they hated sitting out in the cold. Since they don't bother anyone, no one has asked them to leave. They have become sort of like a fixture there.

First thing in the morning, the front door to the office is locked (usually until the receptionist gets there). But subs have to enter the office--we have to check in. And we don't have an office key (we only get assigned keys after we've checked in). We used to have to wait out in the cold until someone noticed our plight and came to let us in. Then the girls started sitting there.

I like that the girls sit there.

There's usually one who gets up to let us in. Of late she's gotten more and more cranky about it. So today, there was a bag left propping the door open. Problem solved.

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