Wednesday, April 2, 2008

8th Grade Nonsense

8th graders are a strange breed. If they're not fighting with me and if I watch very closely, I get entertained.

Today the subject was history. I've subbed for this teacher before. It's generally a good assignment (she's got good classes).

First period had four students who would not stop. The new quote from "overheard in class" (see sidebar) is from them. They spent the period cracking each other up (the quote in the sidebar made the whole class laugh).

Fifth period one boy purported to talk for another. Oliver asked me, "Timmy would like to know where you went to college." Strange. I was sitting between Oliver and Timmy, and I did not hear Timmy (who was not in any way shy) wonder aloud where I had gone to college.

I introduced myself to the class at the start of every period. Second period's reply: "Yeah, we know who you are." I can't convey in print the tone of voice the girl used, so let me just say that the girl was probably rolling her eyes as she said it. I was not sure whether to be offended or flattered.

And in sixth period someone threw a note across the room...

All in all, an entertaining day.

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  1. Finding notes are the BEST. My favorite was finding one that talked about how ugly I was, especially my hair that looked like I dyed it with blood. That made me giggle, but then it went on about how much they hated the class and the regular teacher. I left it with a note of what period it was found on the floor.



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