Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Growing Up

The following conversation occurred today. However, since I wasn't transcribing as it happened, this isn't exactly what was said. It does capture the gist.

"How long have you been subbing?"

Me: "A while."

Student: "About a year?"

Me: "More than that. I first met you when you were in the eighth grade." (Note: the student is now in the 11th grade.)

Student: "I was pretty awful in the eighth grade."

I agreed with the student. For some reason this offended her.

Student: "I've grown up since then."

I again agreed with her.

This student used to ask for passes every day. Many times I'd be walking around campus on my prep period and I'd see her roaming campus as if she had no place to be. She would argue with me in class. She was loud. She was obnoxious. And I wrote her up a couple times for her rude behavior.

The next year it was as if some switch flipped, and she became a different person. Sweet. Pleasant. I haven't had a lick of trouble with her since.

Sometimes they do mature out of it.

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