Thursday, September 3, 2020

Lost My Video Feed

The kiddos pretty much leave their cameras off during class. (I briefly fought the camera battle, but it didn't last long. You only have to have one kiddo show off his weed *cough*Brandon*cough* during class time to realize that maybe it's just better not to see what's going on in their houses.) 

But I like to have my camera on so they can see me. And there were times when I needed to use the white board, so I had to let them see me. 

White board? Yup. I'm teaching math and science, and the best way for me to explain math concepts is to demonstrate. 

But the white board is at school. I tried a portable one, but that was awkward. I tried creating a presentation with an example, but when Ronan and I went through one example, he wanted to do the problem a slightly different way than I'd planned. Sigh. 

But there are ways to virtually write on a computer screen. I've seen them. And the tools were in the classroom. But I didn't have the software to connect them to the computer I was using. 

I contacted the school's tech guy. We set up a time for him to load the software I'd need. It would be third period, which was fine as it was my off period. 

Tech guy arrived fifteen minutes into class. He loaded the software. Now I had a document camera that worked (so I could present books or I can write on paper and they can see). He left, and I had less than five minutes to log in for my fourth period class. 

I go to join the meet, and my camera is turned off. And nothing I could do would turn it back on. Sigh. 

What to do? Well, nothing for fourth period. After school for the day, I could try restarting the computer. Or I could poke around and see if I could fix it. But in the moment I had to do fourth period without the camera. 

At least I could use the working document camera to run class. It appeared that knocked out my video feed. 

We got through fourth period. I logged out. I logged back in for fifth period, and the way to switch my camera to the computer popped up. And suddenly my video feed worked again. Naturally. 

Ah well, now it works. And I have new tools to use. So, a win in the end?


  1. Tech can be so frustrating. I'm glad things are working better.

  2. So much craziness. My sons fiancee is a teacher and told me last night what she is dealing with. Here they were required to open schools and offer the remote option. The teachers have to teach the kids that are in class and the online students at the same time. How is that even possible? And this is a large 25 child elementary class. Can you imagine?

  3. Craziness is right.

    My boyfriend is a permanent sub, too, as you know. His district starts Friday, all the students will e remote on Friday. Starting Monday it’s hybrid, with half the kids in class on A days and the other half remote, then they switch places on B days.

    There was a last minute retirement, so he’s got an actual program, at least for now.

    1. Oh, there are so many long term gigs right now due to several retirements, and there's a hiring freeze due to the pandemic. I wonder if Drew is dealing with the same thing. But as it turns out, there are actually day-to-day subbing gigs, too. Tune in next week for a couple of those stories.

  4. It is a win for you indeed. We are reaching most of our benchmarks for reopening in person learning but they are sending kids back in waves starting with lower grades and then moving up. High school won't be back in until fall break that I think is the first week of October.


  5. Technology...brilliant when it works, but when it doesn't *cue hair tearing*. At least it worked again and you have new tech to support your teaching. I'd say a win.

  6. Hi Liz - I commend you for coping ... well done - glad it's not me! take care - Hilary

  7. All this new tech for teachers must be challenging, to say the least.


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