Monday, June 22, 2020

Four Row Curse

I finished the baby blanket! 

I mentioned this before here and here. It's to be a gift for my landlady's great-grandson, due in July. (She liked the yarn I used for the scarf for the Christmas present to my SIL, and she asked me to knit her a baby blanket.) 

She bought the yarn. She picked out the pattern. She told me how big she wanted it. 

It was pretty straightforward. It was a simple enough pattern. I got sidetracked with other projects, but then I got back to it. 

However, I had one big issue with it. Every time I sat down to work on it, I could only get four rows done at a time. 

It was a strange sort of curse. Some nights four rows was all I could rightly expect to have time to do. The rows are long (94 stitches). This takes a bit of time. 

But there were other evenings where I blocked out a lot of time to work on it. I put a movie on the TV. I had nothing else to distract me. 

Still, something would happen, or I'd get distracted, and by the time it was bedtime, I had only accomplished four rows. 

Ah well. Even four rows at a time is enough to finish the thing after a while. The last night I worked on it, I only had three rows to do. (And an edging.) 

It's another finished project for my Ravelry projects page.


  1. Well done. It's funny how things work sometimes. Be well!

  2. Nicely done! I'm not a knitter, but is it true you have to rip a row out when you don't work on a project for a while, before you can proceed? Not even sure where I read that.
    As it is summer, I won't get to my WIP until fall.

    1. I have never heard of ripping out a row. I mean, I may rip one out if I've made a mistake, but generally I can pick up where I left off, even if I don't touch a project for a while. (There's this sweater that I've been knitting since 2013. I'll set it down for months at a time. I'd get nowhere if I had to rip back each time.)

  3. That's a gorgeous blanket, Liz. Well done.

  4. What a weird, specific curse :)

    You did a great job on it. I bet the baby's going to love it.

  5. It is pretty. Glad you had the time to work on it so you could get it done on time!


  6. The yarn looks so snuggly and soft (I think the colours help with that too). Interesting how the pattern worked out with crosses each side and blocks in the middle.

  7. Hi Liz - love the colours ... and I guess 4 rows at a time, is better than none. Your landlady will be happy ... take care - Hilary

  8. This can happen and you wonder where the time went. I love the colours and I bet she loved it.

  9. Four Rows Curse would make a great title for a mystery book.


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