Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Wrong Site

Since Darla brought it up... 

Pretty much nothing happened last week in my little corner of the world. (The world at large was figuratively on fire, but it's been that way for a while now. Besides, you all already know this.) Which means it's a #ThrowbackThursday. 

I'm reposting the post from May 9, 2019. Darla's comment last week: "...I'd probably end up in the wrong school based on some substitute teacher's regular rounds in our state," reminded me of the day that *ahem* I ended up at the wrong school...

Considering how long I've been subbing, I'm surprised I haven't had this issue before.

I had called ahead a couple weeks prior for this assignment. "Mrs. Jones" at "school A". I've covered Cindy Jones' class several times, so I knew what I was in for. (Cindy Jones' room is pictured above.)

It was a pretty good morning, and I managed to get there fairly early. I went to check in.

"You're at [school B] today for [Rebecca Jones]."


I was told "school A".

A couple things were working in my favor. I was running early. And "school B" starts a half hour later than "school A".

I got to "school B" easily and checked in. It was a bit of mentally changing gears. Cindy Jones teaches English. Rebecca Jones teaches intro to health careers.

I blame the sub caller. She's new. As in, she's had the job for about a month. Mistakes happen.

(I did actually get a chance to chide her for this. She called me for a gig for the next day. I mean, I wasn't going to call her just to give her a hard time about the mixing up of the schools.)


  1. Bet she never made that mistake again!


  2. You handled it like a pro! Which, of course, you are.

    1. I was in the right frame of mind that day. Otherwise I might have freaked out.

  3. I'd do the same. She probably appreciated it.

  4. Glad you were early( that would not be me) and glad you could infor. The newbie of her error

    1. Well, I was only early because that site started a half hour earlier. And really, that was luck, too. My normal default is getting there about as early as I need to.

  5. Hi Liz ... this is life isn't - I had a similar challenge with dates this a.m. - rearranged for next week. Glad you're prepared to be early and ready for whatever is offered ... take care - Hilary

  6. I imagine it would be quite irritating to be given the wrong information, especially to not find out about it until you've already arrived in the morning. But I'm glad you didn't call the caller just to give her a hard time, LOL!


    1. Since I know most of the teachers' names, I can generally ask if that's the right school if something is off. But "Jones" has teachers at both the schools. (And actually, at school B they have 2. But both teach science. And they're married.)


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